Empowering Rockwood through Food, Equity, and Community

Join us in building an inspiring, resilient, thriving, durable, and enduring neighborhood.

Hungry for change? Together, we can transform our food systems for a brighter future.

Hunger for food, business success, and social justice converge in Rockwood, creating significant change in local food systems.

Explore How Our Work is Making a Difference

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Nourishing Health

Food access and nutritional education.

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Fueling Prosperity

Incubating local businesses and fostering economic growth.

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Sustaining Environment

Promoting a cleaner and greener community.

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Building Unity

Strengthening social connections and capital.

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Become a Collaborator

Partner with us and make an impact.

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Connect with a community dedicated to change.

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Our Values

Relationships Matter

We believe in the power of being present.

Serving the Underserved

Prioritizing those who need us most.

Adaptation for Resilience

Preparing for future challenges.

Inclusivity and Equity

Pursuing a fair and connected community.

Participating Organizations

Meet our members and dedicated collaborators who are driving change

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Ready to make a difference?

Join the Rockwood Food Systems Collaborative and be part of the change.