News for August 2020

Emergency Food distribution

  • Lynn Knox/OFB anticipates slowdown of available food in August, and then a surge in Sept/Oct.
  • OFB has desire to purchase bulk food and recommends Grocery Outlet as the most responsive to need/demand.
  • Adam Kohl/OH: immigrant/refugee food needs: pinto and garbanzo beans, short and long grain rice, 8 types of greens all grown locally. Looking to order in bulk

Needs of Market pop up in Rockwood

  • AK/OH Immediate need of a SNAP machine…recommendations given for connections by CS to AK
  • LK COVID compliance plan for walk up and drive through.

Veggies RX program status

  • LK/OFB: veggie RX has been curtailed due to clinics shutting down and going to telehealth, limiting the education component to the vouchers for produce purchasing.
  • Akiko/KP: CSA direct delivery from Zenger Farms to Wallace and Multco health clinic patients
  • Sonya/Providence: Prov. Community Teaching Kitchen in
  • Milwaukee seeking relationship with local farmers (CS connection)
  • Maureen/OSUE: Asynchronous education: see how-to video “and then we meet together virtually for conversations about the topic and answer questions. This works well for families juggling.” from chat

Immediate need to connect immigrant and refugees to services

  • Maureen: Works with East Multco SNAP 503.928.9689
  • Sonya: resource staff are easily available during this time and open to all in the community, do not need to be Providence patients.\
  • Akiko: KP community resource desk Beatrice (sp/en) 503.674.4729