Ending hunger in Oregon: The partnership making food access possible for everyone.


9.8% of Oregoninas suffer from hunger. These organizations are changing that.

Oregon community-based organization, Outgrowing Hunger, has been tirelessly working towards making fresh food accessible to low-income families and fostering local farming communities for over a decade. Now, they are ready to expand and take their mission to new heights.

The Community Development Corporation of Oregon (best known as Rockwood CDC)  and Outgrowing Hunger are excited to announce a strategic alliance, bringing together the strengths and resources of both organizations to combat hunger in Oregon’s poorest communities, creating a powerful force for change.

With this collaboration, they will:

  • Help parents provide fresh food for their families
  • cross-train entrepreneurs in the Business Bridge program
  • bolster workforce development initiatives
  • strengthen local economic infrastructures

Read more on the Rockwood Community Development Corporation’s website